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Roy Beck

Following surgery, Roy was very weak and required a mechanical ventilator to breathe for him. He could not walk and required assistance with all aspects of mobility. The struggles following his cardiac surgery led Roy to Vibra Hospital of Houston, a critical care hospital.

Jody Stewart

Hospitalized to undergo a quadruple bypass, Jody Stewart’s journey back home was long and full of challenges to overcome. It began with being placed on a ventilator and undergoing a tracheostomy following respiratory distress. He also had a chest tube placed. Requiring an extended hospitalization before he could safely return home, Jody admitted to Vibra Hospital of Houston, a critical care hospital.

Timothy Martell

Diagnosed with respiratory failure, Timothy Martell admitted to Vibra Hospital of Houston with hope. Hope that he would breathe again on his own. Hope that he would return home. Hope that he would be able to live his life independently again.

Carementia Lee Homalon

Diagnosed with acute respiratory failure, Carementia Lee Homalon faced a significant challenge in regaining her independence. To achieve her goals, Carementia turned to Vibra Hospital of Houston.

Alan Baldwin

Alan Baldwin came to Vibra Hospital of Houston, a critical care hospital, after sustaining multiple fractures following a fall off a 20-foot scaffold at work. When he first arrived at Vibra, Alan faced many challenges, including requiring a ventilator to breathe and experiencing significant weakness and debility due to his extended hospitalization.