Timothy Martell

Diagnosed with respiratory failure, Timothy Martell admitted to Vibra Hospital of Houston with hope. Hope that he would breathe again on his own. Hope that he would return home. Hope that he would be able to live his life independently again.

At Vibra Hospital of Houston, hope is an essential part of a patient’s recovery journey. That hope finds its foundation in the critical care hospital’s interdisciplinary team, including doctors, nurses, therapists, dietitians, and more. For each patient, the team develops an individualized plan of care specific to that patient’s needs and goals.

For Timothy, this meant, first of all, working with a pulmonologist and respiratory therapist on weaning off the ventilator. Additionally, Timothy worked with the rehabilitation team to improve his functional capabilities so that he could walk, eat, and care for himself without assistance. And during his time at Vibra, Timothy’s determination and the support of our team led to remarkable progress toward these goals.

When he first arrived at Vibra, Timothy required complete assistance with transfers and could not walk independently. But he was determined to regain his strength and progress in his recovery. So Timothy worked hard, and by the time he left Vibra, he could walk 150 feet with a rolling walker. Having made such significant improvement, Timothy discharged to an inpatient rehabilitation facility for the next phase of his recovery.