Shyla Smith Beard

Shyla Smith Beard arrived at Vibra Hospital of Houston in poor health. Having experienced complications due to septic shock, Shyla required continued medical management after an initial hospitalization in the short-term acute care hospital. Those complications resulted in amputations of both of Shyla’s legs as well as her left forearm.

At Vibra, a critical care hospital, Shyla received highly specialized medical care from an interdisciplinary care team. Each discipline prepared an individualized plan of care for Shyla’s recovery. Of particular note, Vibra’s wound care nurse oversaw the healing of Shyla’s incision sites, including her skin integrity, and ensured proper dressing coverage.

Initially, Shyla required maximal assistance to transfer from her bed to a wheelchair. However, Vibra’s rehabilitation team provided skilled therapeutic interventions that helped Shyla improve her overall functional mobility. Soon, Shyla could transfer from bed to wheelchair using a sliding board with only setup and supervision required.

Shyla achieved great progress in this phase of her recovery due in large part to her determination to get better and the hard work she put in. As a result of this progress, Shyla transferred to an inpatient rehabilitation facility to continue working on the functional gains she needed to return home with her family safely.