Roy Beck

Roy Beck’s path to Vibra Hospital of Houston could have been smoother. It was a bumpy road paved with cobblestones and a few unexpected turns. But that was only one leg of his journey that began with double coronary artery bypass surgery.

Following surgery, Roy was very weak and required a mechanical ventilator to breathe for him. He could not walk and required assistance with all aspects of mobility. The struggles following his cardiac surgery led Roy to Vibra Hospital of Houston, a critical care hospital.

Critical care hospitals like Vibra play an essential role in the continuum of care for patients who have experienced a significant medical event. These specialized hospitals provide a high level of clinical care to patients requiring an extended hospitalization. Many of these patients, like Roy, arrive on a ventilator and are fully dependent upon others for their basic needs.

At Vibra, Roy’s recovery following heart surgery began in earnest. While Roy and Vibra’s respiratory therapy team worked on improving his breathing, the physical and occupational therapy teams worked with him on his function and strength with basic exercises from his bed. His strength increased each day, and soon, Roy was weaned off the ventilator. As his strength and breathing improved, so did his overall health.

Roy then progressed to performing standing activities in preparation for gait training, and before long, he could ambulate using a rolling walker with minimal assistance. By the time Roy’s stay at Vibra Hospital of Houston was complete, he could walk using a single-point cane and climb a flight of stairs.

Throughout it all, Roy was supported by his family and friends, who cheered him on every step of the way. Having achieved his goals at Vibra, Roy discharged to an inpatient rehabilitation facility to further improve his strength and function for a safe return home.