Juan Ruiz

It seemed like any other day when Juan Ruiz arrived at work on the day of his accident. But that day, Juan’s life would change drastically when he fell at work, sustaining a traumatic brain injury and multiple fractures of his skull, scapular, and ribs. As a result of his injuries, Juan underwent a hemicraniectomy.

After a stay in the short-term acute care hospital, Juan transferred to Vibra Hospital of Houston, a critical care hospital. Critical care hospitals like Vibra specialize in treating patients with very complex medical needs and require an extended period of time in a hospital setting for their recovery.

When Juan arrived at Vibra, he was minimally responsive and unable to follow simple commands. Gradually, he became more alert and could participate in therapy sessions while being provided verbal cues. When he began therapy, Juan required total assistance with sitting at the edge of his bed, but in time could sit unsupported and without assistance. Juan began performing standing activities and could soon take steps using a cardiac walker and moderate assistance as he continued improving his standing balance.

Before long, Juan had progressed enough to transition to the next phase of his recovery. Able to walk over 300 feet with the cardiac walker with minimal assistance, Juan discharged from Vibra Hospital of Houston to an inpatient rehabilitation facility, where he continued working toward a return to his prior level of function.