Jody Stewart

Hospitalized to undergo a quadruple bypass, Jody Stewart’s journey back home was long and full of challenges to overcome. It began with being placed on a ventilator and undergoing a tracheostomy following respiratory distress. He also had a chest tube placed. Requiring an extended hospitalization before he could safely return home, Jody admitted to Vibra Hospital of Houston, a critical care hospital.

Critical care hospitals like Vibra provide patients with a high level of medical care for an extended period of time as they recover from a serious illness or injury. When Jody arrived at Vibra Hospital, he was very weak and had limited mobility. During activities, he required several rest periods, and he struggled with balance when ambulating with a rolling walker.

Despite the challenges he faced, Jody had all the support he needed. Clinically, the staff at Vibra offered the specialized care he required. Emotionally, Jody’s mother and daughter were actively involved in his care. Their presence and support accelerated Jody’s progress in his therapy sessions. Jody also drew motivation from his desire to regain his strength and return home so he could rebuild his classic car.

While at Vibra, Jody made exceptional progress. By the time he discharged, Jody could walk without an assistive device and required fewer rest periods during therapy as his endurance had improved. He could breathe room air on his own, with his vital signs remaining in an acceptable range during activities.

“It is hard to hold back tears of gratitude for the positive experience I had at this hospital,” said Jody’s mother, Barbara. “I was in nursing for 38 years and remember the dynamics of this kind of setting. Everyone was very helpful, kind, and compassionate in every way. Thanks, everyone!”

Having achieved his goals for his critical care stay, Jody progressed to an inpatient rehabilitation hospital to continue his journey toward getting stronger and returning home to the things that matter most to him.