Carementia Lee Homalon

Diagnosed with acute respiratory failure, Carementia Lee Homalon faced a significant challenge in regaining her independence. To achieve her goals, Carementia turned to Vibra Hospital of Houston. Vibra is a critical care hospital, a type of specialty hospital that provides a high level of medical care to patients with complex medical needs who require an extended hospitalization.

When Carementia arrived at Vibra, she had a trach collar and required total assistance with self-care activities. The interdisciplinary care team at Vibra developed an individualized plan of care to help Carementia progress toward her goals.

With a plan in place, Carementia’s recovery took off. The staff at Vibra provided not only clinical expertise but support and encouragement as well. Paired with Carementia’s determination to get stronger, she made tremendous progress.

Before long, the respiratory team capped Carementia’s trach. Hard work with the rehabilitation team also paid off. Carementia now only required minimal to moderate assistance with bed mobility and transfers, and improved her standing balance and ambulation.

When Carementia discharged from Vibra, she could walk over 115 feet using a cardiac walker. Carementia transitioned to a rehabilitation facility where she will continue to advance her recovery before making a safe return home.